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Planet of the ‘Roos
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Begin the Aussie journey!

Enter the magic Aussie forest and prepare to uncover the hidden gems Koala has hidden all over the place! Start with up to 300% Match Bonus and discover koala-ty surprises!

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What about a ride on the magic carpet?

Let the enchantment of Aladdin's Wishes take you to a realm of spins and wins, all amplified by our magical bonus!

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Say G'day to digital delight!

Teleport yourself to the digital Down Under with a single click – CRYPTOUP awaits!

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Bounce beyond!

Roos have their own planet? You bet! Once you see this place, you won't wanna leave!

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Any Devices to Enjoy

When we say you’re in the magic forest, we mean it! You can teleport here to hug koalas and surf the waves of winnings anytime you want from any web corner: whether it is desktop instant play, windows software, or any mobile device. We guarantee a ripper trip and a warm welcome!

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icon Surf Waves of

These are promotions which give you chills and excitement of ocean breeze. They’re all about giving you that same feeling that surfers are going through: refreshing, free, passionate. Tame those waves!

icon Kangaroo-Speed

You know how hard can kangaroos punch with their legs? That’s exactly how we deal with banking delays to provide you with smooth and worriless experience on this smallest continent of the biggest payouts.

icon 24/7 Support
and Hugs

Cause who would support you better than fluffy cuddly creatures AKA our customer support managers? We promise they don’t sleep 22 hours/day as koalas do, they’re energetic, enthusiastic, and helpful at all times!

icon Koalossal Game

How much time would you need to try out all of our games? While our team is rocking our brains over this question, you should remember one thing: you will never ever get enough of that smashing coolness.


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